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James wellbeloved turkey and rice 15kg - The UK online pet shop specialising in products for large and giant breed dogs. Now my friend has his brother from the same litter and they look like 2 totally different dogs. We are new dog owners and were hoping for an easy to train, gentle dog that would love, but not hurt our kids. We know that Pit Bulls can be sweet and easy going and lovable so long as you are great trainers, but we are dog owning newbies, so we are worried that we are not the right family for a dog that needs really, really good trainers. So far it seems there is some growling and play biting going on, but otherwise she is a very sweet dog.

The state where I am considering moving doesn't have a pit bull ban, but a lot of housing complexes have breed restriction policy, which includes pits as an aggressive breed. My dog is by no means aggressive, she is really chill and mellow, and has 2 cats for her best friends. I fed her and gave her a bath and tried to get a picture of her to show LOL that was soooo hard. The people we got her from said she was a Rotweiler Boxer mix, but when she started growing her ears started sticking up and now we're thinking she is a German Shepherd dog!
If you train him right way he will protect young and older children and you my at 9 months would not let any dog in our yard.

He often stands on his hind feet almost as if he's begging and sometimes when he's looking at something he will put his front paw up somewhat like a pointer dog.

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