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It’s better to allow your puppy to get used to different environments than to restrict him at this age. Pit bulls can be extremely dominant, so showing the puppy that you are the boss from a young age will curb dominance-related biting and aggression. Nipping is common in pit bull puppies, and their strong, angular jaws can cause severe damage if biting behaviors continue into adulthood. Many pit bull puppies become increasingly mouthy during teething, and even the smallest nip with sharp puppy teeth can cause serious injury.
The first 16 weeks of the puppy’s life are the socialization period that determines much about what they learn about other animals and the outside world. If you see your dog is biting, it could be teething and need a toy to help break in new teeth.
The yelp mimics the cry of an injured littermate, and removing yourself from the game shows the puppy that biting leads to the end of playtime.

With discipline and care, you can train a pitbull puppy to ensure it is a gentle companion and family pet. Slowly tighten up your biting rules, yelping for increasingly gentler bites until the puppy no longer applies any pressure during playtime.
You just need to replace what they are biting with a chew toy or a bone, you puppy is still teething so he will need something to chew on. I've tried saying no sternly, avoiding him til he behaved, put him in his kennel til he settled down, and my mom doesn't know what to do so she grabs his jaw spanks him and says no biting. I love my puppy, but this biting thing may lead me to giving him up or my mom just taking him to the pound. I have had him for about 3-4 weeks now and his aggression and biting is getting to be too much, especially with my 5 year old son. I have tried smacking his mouth, giving him a firm NO, newspaper against my hand to make loud noise to stop him, putting him in his cage after disciplining him, he just doesn't stop.

They all have had the same personality traits as puppies with the puppy biting and extra energy.
I love him dearly and if I can't find a way to help him stop then we will have to get rid of him. BeBe is 14 weeks old and I can not get her to stop biting my hands, feet, legs, and she pulls on my pants leg.
After discussing this with them, they stopped for the most part but it seemed the damage was done because she now thought it was okay to jump on people and nip at them.

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