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If your plan is to simply hunt your dog into shape this fall, it might be time to consider an alternative.
Sporting dogs require a level of conditioning similar to human athletes and, yes, even human hunters. Beyond that, after the dogs are cared for, the birds are cleaned and we’ve settled into the evening rituals following a hunt, we suddenly realize how sore our muscles are.
Even though our dogs can become wiry and lean hunting machines as the season progresses, that doesn’t mean on-hunt-conditioning is the best route to take. Dokken suggests assessing the dog’s physical shape before starting an exercise routine. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with walking a dog, it’s not the most efficient way to get a hunter into shape. Obviously a lot of factors come into play as far as what kind of hunting situations you should condition your dog for. Beyond different breeds and their natural inclinations, age of the dog makes a big difference as well. It may seem as if an entire month of pre-hunt conditioning is overkill when you consider that a dog is going to get into shape regardless by the end of the season, but it’s just plain irresponsible to ask dogs to hunt hard on opening day without giving them the chance to get ready. If your dog is not in proper shape by the time the duck or pheasant opener rolls around, you’re asking for trouble.

Here's my training schedule that will begin at the end of august (since i will begin duck and dove hunting in november). I think that all dogs are different and will require different levels of prehunt conditioning.
Water work cuts down on the worry of heat exhaustion, is low-impact on joints and builds cardio quickly. Imagine how it feels for our dogs if they are not in hunting shape when we ask them to go at it full-bore as soon as the opening bell rings.
In fact, if you’re looking for a good way to injure your dog (or worse), hunt-conditioning is almost a guaranteed method.
If your dog has packed on a few pounds in the off-season, consider adjusting feeding amounts. A hardcore waterfowler will want to concentrate on water exercise, while the owner of a pointer may want to focus on running. A prime-aged dog can easily get back into shape in a 30-day or less period, but an older dog requires a lengthier, gradual process. If your dog is overweight or past its prime, a much more gradual process is necessary to avoid injury. For instance, by week 2 I should be doing 3 water, 3 land, short break, 3 water, 3 land and so forth increasing the sets per week to 2 weeks.

I take my dog to an area away from road traffic and we've gradualy worked up to 10 miles of bike work.
Noted gun dog guru Tom Dokken suggests working dogs early in the morning or late in the evening to take advantage of cooler temperatures. But for those of us looking to ease into the season opener with a dog that’s healthy, full of energy and ready to take on the world of all-things-fowl, a pre-hunt conditioning plan is in order. Also, even if you feel your dog is in decent shape, it’s a good idea to start with short sessions on a daily basis. These dogs also require more recovery time after each exercise session, and they need to be watched closely for any evidence of injury. We all know it takes a month or two to accomplish this but what many of us don't know is exactly the best type of training that works. I work my labs early in the mornings several days per week throughout the summer and keep them in and around water during the workouts. Use the year to make your dogs something to be proud of and to keep them from having foot problems and obedience issues.

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