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Many dog owners work long hours, meaning they can only exercise their full-of-beans dog when they arrive home at night.
Products like the Bright Steps leg bands can be wrapped around your dogs legs allowing them to be spotted from over half a mile away. A dog's diet is one of the biggest influences on its health, longevity, and overall quality of life. Going for a nighttime walk with a favorite dog or two is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
It also helps to put reflective gear on yourself as well as your dog, such as a light-catching collar or a sleeve that slips over your existing leash — especially if your dog is dark, as black dogs vanish into the night. Dogs are very sensitive and so your Jack Russell Terrier will know the difference between night time and early morning when everything is much quieter, the scents are fresher, and the sun is rising. Exercise at anytime of the day is great for both dogs and people, though certain safety issues should be considered when venturing out into the dark with your pet.

A dog running around in the dark can be invisible to motorists and bike riders, meaning the risk of a collision is far more likely. Collars with LED inserts are also useful so your dog literally glows when running around the neighbourhood. Despite having a fur coat, dogs can feel the cold significantly especially if they are small. This means your dog might encounter more ferocious critters on their adventures than squirrels and birds – like foxes or racoons or possums. In addition to being a dogsend in case an urgent situation arises out there, the phone is also a handy light source. It’s not the dark he’s afraid of, as we set off for our morning walk at 6am and he is fine, but at night he is petrified. If possible, try to walk in a well-lit area, and if you are walking in a less-than-safe area, consider carrying pepper spray, or even a whistle to draw attention in case of trouble.

However, a cover of darkness does make dog walking more of a challenge, so I never go unprepared into that good night.
Two of my dogs have a high prey drive around strange cats, so I need to be on my guard not to be suddenly yanked off my feet if an arch-backed kitty should pop out of nowhere or hiss angrily from beneath a car.
Walking him in the dark when he is fearful will only increase the chance of further fear developing. Happily, there are simple ways to feel safer and even empowered while out walking dogs by oneself at night.

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