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Check out the video above.  Unfortunately I did not have the embed code so it will take you away to their website, but the video is a nice, short, and will tell you about Guide Dog Hosting.
The Jersey Branch of the Guide Dogs for the Blind recently made an appeal for people to come forward as potential hosts – just in case an owner falls ill or goes on holiday.
Since the appeal they’ve had 40 responses from people who have the space, time and experience of looking after dogs.
Fischer, the guide dog in the video, is a working Guide Dog and many of the things he has learned may be during his formal training.  I only know what we teach our guide dog puppies before they start formal training and that is basic obedience and socialization.

I find it very interesting to see not only how guide dog training works here in the United States, but how it works in other counties as well. Leader Dogs for the Blind, an organization that pairs Future Leader Dogs with model prisoners who have demonstrated they can be trusted to provide around the clock care to a puppy for up to a year, recently got some help from model prisoners. Enlisting prisoners for help train these dogs is a win for everyone involved because puppies raised in prison experience a higher success rate of becoming a Leader Dog and the inmates used tend to be happy that they are given the opportunity to give back to society. Welcome to HNGN's biweekly top gift guide picks – a compilation of the best and brightest releases in music, fashion, beauty, tech and pop culture.

When TODAY correspondent Keir Simmons stopped by a guide dog training center for a very sweet story about a pair of pups (and their owners) who fell in love, he surprised us with something else: An impossibly adorable puppy video.

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