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Veterinarians, much like pet owners, vary in opinion about dog food.Pet food politics can be polemical, so it's important to know a veterinarian's stances on a few topics before weighing his or her recommendations. But their dogs can't, so the burden of choosing a healthy diet for Dino rests squarely on the pet owner. Special considerations that may be important to you or other pet owners include raw, kosher, vegetarian, ancestral, organic, prescription diets and other diets.Remember, the dog food displayed in the waiting room at a veterinarian clinic may not reflect a veterinarian's opinion about appropriate dog food. In addition to the flashy and often informative product packaging you'll find on most brand-name consumer-grade dog foods, there are gobs of resources you can scour about choosing good dog food including books, TV shows, magazine articles and websites.

To simplify matters, the first few items listed on the obligate ingredient label are generally a fair indication of the bulk of a dog food's composition.
The basis for these recommendations isn't explicitly stated on the website, though.In an article on dog training guru Cesar Milan's website, Dr. Sherry Weaver recommends consulting a veterinarian or animal nutritionist before changing dog foods. The Best and Worst Foods for Your Pet The Advantages of Organic Pet Food (Cat, Dog) How to Make Homemade Organic Dog Food - Quick & Easy!

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