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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Harness UK and Stafford Muzzles, Amstaff Harnesses UK and Dog Collars UK.
Our online pet shop can offer Pitbull and Stafforshire Bull Terrier fans a great variety of high quality products like Pitbull harness, Staffordshire Bull Terrier harness collar, Pitbull collars, Stafforshire Bull Terrier leads and collars, Pitbull muzzle, Stafford muzzles, Pitbull leashes and Staffordshire leashes. We offer Pitbull and Staffordshire Bull Terrier equipment made of top quality leather and nylon for different purposes.
Our dog products fit for Pitbull as well as for other breeds, so here you can find Staffordshire Bull Terrier leads and harness, Staffordshire collars, Stafford Bull Terrier muzzles, pet supplies for Bull Terrier or English Staffy, American Staffordshire Terrier or American Pitbull. The idea for the collection had been running around my head for a while after looking for products for our own dog.
Cloud 7 is a simple mix of the English idiom Cloud 9 and the German equivalent Wolke 7 (Wolke = Cloud), and it expresses how the dogs should feel with our products. I have always aimed for a design language that reflects the true relationship between humans and their dogs, which in the happiest moments is being outside and enjoying the mutual pleasure and freedom in nature.
As well as our dog Johan, there is also Humphrey, the super confident Jack Russell of one of our employees.

We are constantly working on new designs for our existing categories of dog beds, travel beds, bowls, collars & leashes, toys and have just cut our teeth in developing new categories like dog carriers and warming coats. The Cloud 7 collection ranges from ?11 for dog toys up to ?360 for the Sleepy Deluxe Dog Bed. We have a stylish range of greyhound collars and also a range of soft leather pupy collars and matching leads.
Our dog products are approved by internationally known dog trainers and have the International Quality Certificate. Our dog bed Sleepy to me is just exactly what a dog wants and needs for his 12 to 14 hours of daily sleep. We have also just done a collaboration with a major international travel accessories brand, designing a completely new dog travellers line for them, which is due to come out in late 2013.
Along with her canine sidekick - George, a rescue Yorkie with a big attitude, Sara reports on the latest design and lifestyle trends for modern pet lovers.

Choose from padded leather dog collars, stylish cowhide leather dog collars and why not add a matching lead to really step out in style. Our prices range varies from 27.50 pounds or under for daily use dog products to 120 pounds for exclusive hand painted dog accessories.
After returning to Germany after a number of years in New York and Amsterdam, I originally planned on starting my own fashion label, but when I noticed the gap for well designed pet products, I sat down and began to design a full range for dogs in just the way I always imaged them to be. We have even heard from some clients that their dogs have given up their habit of constantly sleeping in their bed . A dog bed can be quite a big piece of furniture in a room so there is no reason why the same design approach shouldn’t apply as with any other piece for your interior.

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