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Your dog’s desire to bite or nip you due to his teething process is quite different than his desire to bite you due to aggression.
Based on scientific studies conducted, Pitbulls respond better to reward-based dog training systems.
This is base about best way to train a Pitbull Puppy, you can read more with top ways training to discover about how to train a pitbull. As with other dog breeds you have to start with the basics, teach your pitbull puppy where to get his food and where to find his water dish to prevent him from quaffing water from the bowl.
The teething process is extremely painful, so your baby pitbull is trying to find something hard on which to chew in order to alleviate the pain. The coolness will soothe his achy gums while the hardness will allow him to have something solid to bite into.
Although known to be a dog aggressive type of breed,¬†pitbull training will bring tons of joy into your family’s life. One way to do this is by touching his food before feeding him so that the food will have your scent on it and so that he accepts your handling his food.

Therefore, proper training must be done to make your Pitbull puppy the best behaved pup in the block. He has to learn this to make him wait for food and not bother you while you eat at the table. Matter-of-fact, they don't even have the largest bite pressure of all domestic dogs, that belongs to the to Rottys! You just need to replace what they are biting with a chew toy or a bone, you puppy is still teething so he will need something to chew on. I love my puppy, but this biting thing may lead me to giving him up or my mom just taking him to the pound.
My fiancee wants to get him a muzzle and I want to be able to trust my puppy especially because I may be pregnant and I have a 6 year old nephew.
They all have had the same personality traits as puppies with the puppy biting and extra energy.
BeBe is 14 weeks old and I can not get her to stop biting my hands, feet, legs, and she pulls on my pants leg.

I have tried "NO", I have pushed her away, tried to ignore her, tried to give her chew toys when she tries to bite me or chew on my clothes.
I cared for him while he was a baby and I don't understand why he bites me when I cared for him more than my boyfriend during his younger years.
She would not jump or nip at people except my 10 year old nephew who would play roughly with her. It makes me nervous that she may hurt someone because she does not realize she is being so rough.

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