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Labrador retriever trainer Lonny Taylor is a professional gun dog trainer with over 120 AKC hunt test titles to prove his success in retriever training. Kerlin Kanine TrainingPuppies form positive and negative associations that may remain for the life of the dog. At two seminars this week at the Allegheny Sport, Travel and Outdoor Show at Monroeville Convention Center, Kerlin will offer tips for training quality hunting dogs. Some quality breeders, hoping to place their puppies in good homes, ask a lot of questions and want to meet the family. A tip for teaching soft-mouth skills: Train the dog to retrieve a frozen bird -- a deep hardy bite will be uncomfortable, and it will learn to lightly cradle the bird between its jaws.
At some point in the dog's training, Kerlin recommends seeking the help of a professional trainer. Today I spent the day in the field with our young puppies ranging in age from 6 weeks to 6 months of age.

Lonny’s record of training and handling 30 Labradors and a golden retriever to AKC Master Hunter titles proves his consistent results in gun dog training.
While some trainers have a “one method works for all dogs” approach, Lonny recognizes that each dog has a unique personality, from “hard-headed but talented” to “soft but biddable,” and each retriever needs a training program tailored to his or her unique personality and talents. While many trainers like to keep their dogs in training year-round, believing that a couple months of hunting will mess up their training program, Lonny Taylor believes otherwise. His kennel generally keeps about 10 dogs in training, but 85 percent of his business is in private lessons -- training owners to train their dogs. Grouse hunting is the speciality of the English setter, which requires more exercise than some breeds. But while a good trainer can finesse the hunting instincts of a bird dog, Kerlin said individual hounds either have a good nose and sense for hunting or they don't.
In addition to the initial purchase, plan for a one-time $200 to $250 investment in a kennel, collar, leashes, initial training supplies and retrieving dummy.

Kerlin said the dogs may be forever engaged in sibling rivalry or bond with each other more than with their trainer. Lonny’s stud dogs have proven themselves both in hunt tests and in the duck blind and pheasant fields and grouse woods, and a Taylor Made Kennels puppy is sure to please a hunting owner looking for a future gun dog and hunting companion. German shorthair pointers may be too active for families in cramped quarters with young kids. Trips to the vet can be expensive, and expect to pay $30 to $40 per month for a 40-pound bag of food. I am known for training dogs to fit their unique situations.” In fact, Lonny is one of the few trainers recommended by champion Standard Poodle and golden retriever breeders to train these unique dogs for the hunt.

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