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Owners of strong dogs may find it helps to tie a knot where the slack of the leash touches the ground.
He can leave food treats scattered on the ground, but he will leap at our dinner plate or try to steal our snack off the coffee table.
We become reactive instead of engaging in thoughtful training because we are scared that the dog will shatter glass or eat dangerous food. This happens because dogs face a series of distractions, all of which tempt them to jump.The dog must face the approach, reaching, leaning, petting and sometimes squealing, cooing and leg slapping.

Treat for the approach, the reaching, petting, cooing and any other behaviour that tempts your dog to misbehave. The closer your training imitates real life, the easier you can transition into normal daily routines. However, if the dog does try to jump up, the leash prevents the dog from gaining upward mobility, decreasing the likelihood that they knock someone down.
Monitor your dog carefully when switching to real food on glass plates to ensure that your dog really does understand.

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