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A dog training club that teaches pets how to behave is being turfed out of its home - for health and safety reasons. But the area has transferred from Castlereagh to the new Belfast super-council which appears to operate under different rules.
One dog owner told Belfast Live she was “shocked and angry when I heard what is happening to the club”. The City of Belfast Dog Training Club is being evicted by Belfast City Council who say only guide dogs are allowed into their public buildings. Alex, who has been training owners and their dogs for more than 25 years, told Belfast Live it is “ironic” that a club with ‘Belfast’ in its name has been “looked after by Castlereagh for so many years, but thanks to some move in council boundaries is now being thrown out on the street by Belfast Council”. The letter we got from Belfast just says we have to go and that’s it.” Alex says he is a Kennel Club approved trainer and is known for breeding award winning Labradors.

She added: “I’ve been attending classes with my Labrador Rio for seven months now and I can see such an improvement in his behaviour. The club has been operating once a week in the Braniel Community Centre in East Belfast for 15 years with no bother and no one ever bitten, says trainer Alex Douglas.
In their letter, Belfast Council’s Community Services say the “Health and Safety of centre users is of paramount importance to Belfast City Council and in line with other public buildings only guide dogs are allowed regular access to our buildings”. We have worked with wardens from Castlereagh and Belfast and we are helping promote responsible dog ownership. It adds: “Therefore I must inform you that the City of Belfast Dog Training Club we will not be allowed to meet in the Braniel, or any other Belfast City Council Community Centre. Rio needs a lot more training, I don’t know where I would get this without the clubs help and i know a lot of people will feel the same way.

The Council takes the money for your dog licence, but it can’t provide this service so it’s strange they aren’t co-operating with us here. As many as 40 to 50 dogs would come to classes on Wednesday nights and Alex has helped train thousands of dogs and their owners over the years.

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