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Check with the breeder of your Pomeranian to find out if your Pomeranian’s barking habits are normal.
A well trained Pomeranian is a joy to live with, the opposite can be said for an untrained , spoilt Pomeranian. It is both unfair and unrealistic to expect your Pomeranian to become mute, but here are a few simple steps to teach your Pomeranian to only bark when appropriate. Step 1: Try to determine why your Pomeranian barks eliminating the stimuli to bark will increase your chances of success. If you have trouble getting your Pomeranian to stop barking, there are people that may have ideas to solve the barking problem.

The first step is to contact the breeder of your Pomeranian, if this fails , then consult a veterinarian or professional dog trainer trained in dog behavioral problems. For complete and detailed Pomeranian Training information, Why your Pomeranian barks and how to control excessive barking, How to Interpret the Pomeranian Barking, How to Stop Your Pomeranian’s Excessive Barking, How to deal with Nipping or Biting, Destructive Chewing, Download the Pomeranian Training Book by Pomeranian Breed Authority Denise Leo.
Most Pomeranian’s will instantly stop barking, because they will be concentrating on smelling and attempting to lick the treat, rather than barking.
This time, try not to let your dog have the treat until 5 seconds of quiet time have elapsed. It is possible to continue to a couple of minutes of quiet time during the first session, which would mean significant progress in curbing your Pomeranian’s barking habit.

I reside in Australia and my involvement with the Pomeranian breed now spans a period of over 50 years. Your Pomeranian should learn after each successful quiet-time interval, he will be rewarded. I have been building this site to help Pomeranian owners care for their Pomeranians since 1997.

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