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German shepherd dogs are popular for several reasons – their distinctive appearance, their reliability and their suitability for families.
It’s no wonder that German shepherds are so popular – apart from their distinctive appearance, they are also considered to be among the easiest breed of dog to train. White German shepherds are also well known for their loyalty and devotion – it isn’t unusual for them to form a strong bond with a trainer or handler. Because the are so easy to train, German shepherds are widely used around the world for various tasks. Apart from their suitability for law enforcement, German shepherds are used in other lines of work. However, training a dog can be time consuming, frustrating and hard work – you will need to have patience and a routine. A dog is a lifelong commitment.  Begin your training early and you have a better chance of avoiding problems in later life.
Remember, you are giving your puppy commands and instructions and not becoming angry or impatient with him – with practice, your training will be easy and effective for both of you. Socializing your puppy correctly can take time and patience – but the end results are well worth it and you will understand why white German shepherds are such a delight to own and train.

Puppies can be lively and playful and you may not find this training easy.  Persevere and the end result will be well worth it.
Most puppies will learn this fairly easily and quickly, although with other aspects of training, it depends on the animal and how much time you can devote to it.  German shepherds are not generally selectively bred for retrieving, although they can easily be trained. All dog owners are going to have a problem with unwanted barking or howling at some point – although German shepherds are easier in this respect than many other dog breeds.  In fact, a lot of German shepherd owners firmly maintain that their dog only barks when absolutely necessary! Training your puppy to interact effectively with people can be hard work – fortunately you have one of the friendliest breeds that there is. Fortunately, German shepherds are well known for their ability to get on well with most other animals – so you should have no serious problems achieving a peaceful environment for all your pets! Once you have your new puppy home, one of your most important considerations will be house training your puppy. House training may not be the most glamorous aspect of training your puppy – but as most of us would point out, it is one of the most important. As a German shepherd owner, you are in good company – other famous owners of German shepherd dogs including Bob Hope, Roy Rogers, President Roosevelt, and Sigmund Freud.
And not surprisingly, entering them at dog shows and obedience competitions can be rewarding – German shepherds enjoy more than their fair share of success.

In 1927, the first Seeing Eye dog was a German shepherd – today, the breed is still the most popular for the job. The task of training your puppy will be a lot easier if you begin the process at as early an age as possible – a younger puppy has generally not had the chance to learn too much negative or destructive behavior. As with most other aspects of puppy training, its best to begin as early as you can – expect the training to be complete only when your dog reaches six months old. German shepherd dogs are the only dog breed to have the word “dog” as part of their official name.
Switzerland has a large number of German shepherds in its police force – and in the UK, German shepherd dogs were regularly used by famous Scotland Yard up until the 1950s.
And the German shepherd is also a great choice for such tasks as herding sheep, pulling carts or acting as a watchdog.
Nearly all dogs respond to house training fairly well – the German shepherd is one of the most receptive breeds.

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