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Mumbai boasts of initiatives like Pet Santa to promote animal welfare and enthusiastic dog parents who can’t seem to spend a day away from their pets, but a quick glance through your newspapers or the internet will open your eyes to the many incidents of inhuman treatment towards the animals in our city, stray dogs to be precise. It (raising a pet) is tough, considering the life of a Mumbaikar, but people who would like to bring home a puppy should know that they will see their own better side in living with their pets.
For her adorable ‘Leagle’ who loves to eat, sleep, poop and repeat, Michelle follows a set of instructions carefully like spraying or neutering the animal, shower cap while giving Nemo a bath, a capful of apple cider vinegar mixed in the dog food and 100 percent commitment to the animal.
For Shakti, a chance look at the picture of a lost little puppy shared on Twitter, gave her Bono, her bundle of joy since 2010.
For all the dog parents and the ones who want to be, Shakti suggests complete dedication to the pet, especially not abandoning them and putting them through heartache. While recognizing that bringing up a dog in an urban concrete jungle as Mumbai is not the easiest of things, it is heartening to see so many people passionate about pets, and even bringing strays and rescue animals into their homes as a member of their family.
Brinda Thaker, a canine trainer and behaviour specialist has successfully managed to help dog parents in Mumbai who complain of their dogs facing psychological issues like attention seeking nature, fear and aggression.

Pet Santa, consisting of 6 key members, Aditi, Anuradha, Vinit, Michelle, Rashi and Abhishek, is a non-profit that raises funds for all the NGOs across the city that work for animal welfare.
However, he added, the few challenges that one can face while bringing up a dog in a city like Mumbai are leaving them alone at home while you’re at work, seeking professional services for the dog which can be expensive. The Mumbai Blogazine: Discovering amazing people,inspiring stories & awesome places in Mumbai.
The aggregate of equipment, methods, and techniques available to one for carrying out one's duties.
Thankfully for her, Mumbai has been pretty dog friendly and she hasn’t faced any problems from her house society regarding Nemo. Shakti who herself took one week to adapt to Bono’s needs says that every dog is unique and what works for one dog parent may not work for the other. She mentions that some housing societies can be intolerant of pets in the already cramped up city of Mumbai.

Apart from the lack of space that most people complain about, what Brinda doesn’t like is that the attitude of the entire country towards dogs – which is either really good or really bad. I spoke to Abhishek about the difference that parenting a dog can make to your life to which he replied that dogs help you de-stress, keep you fit, keep you happy, guard you and are always there for you, with unconditional love. She especially mentions the preconceived notion held by most people that the dogs will either bite them or harm them in some way. Another problem area she points out is the easy acquisition of pet licenses by most breeders, leading to faulty breeding and even ill tempered dogs at times.

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