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After you have established eye contact, call your pet by name and then give the command in a deep, firm voice. Hold his collar under his chin and push down on his rump with your other hand to get him to sit. Giving your dog a reward, even though you had to physically show him how to sit, is important.
Don't forget to praise the dog whenever he follows through on your commands without your prompting him with your hand.
As you start training your puppy, you will find out more about him and his abilities and you will certainly connect to your dog a lot more than you have thought you could. One thing you should always have in mind when you are training your puppy is that you must have your own training place that you and your dog will visit every day. Whenever I look at your web site in Safari, it looks fine however, when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping issues.
Training your dog to obey your commands is a simple process, although it can be a long process that requires a huge amount of patience, if you want it done right.

Break your dog biscuits into small pieces however, you don't want to over feed your pet by giving him full dog treats. No more than this, otherwise the dog may think it's play time and you'll have lost your willing pupil.
Remember to only do one command at a time until your dog learns it, before moving on to the next.
Everyone that is eager to have a dog as a pet should know how to treat it and how to raise it properly.
First, you should have in mind that dogs are pretty clean animals so it will not be hard to train them where to soil.
If you would rather let your dog sleep in your room, make sure that it will spend a lot of time in the training area throughout the day. Young puppies need to eat 3-4 times per day, so in order to know when to let your dog have a meal and what type of food you are supposed to feed him with, ask your vet. There are many professionals that can give you some advice when it comes to training a young puppy or an older dog.

Patience, repetition, praise and love is what your dog needs, and you will soon have a dog that obeys you with little problems.
It is not hard to train a dog if you make a little research in order to find out what are the basic things that you need to do if you want to train your little puppy.
After you have finished setting up a training space for your dog, you should focus on finding a place where your dog will urinate. It is never too late to try and train your dog, but if you are willing to achieve some tremendous results, you should not give up at the beginning, even though it might be a bit difficult. If you want to train your dog properly, you must spend a lot of time in the particular place that you have chosen as your training place. If you live in a building, make sure you walk your dog outside a lot of times throughout the day.

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