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The only exception occurs when your dog has been trained to stay in your yard using an invisible fence. If, however, you simply try to teach your dog to stay in your yard, your dog will probably leave the yard at some point. Wayne Booth created this blog site to give you information on dog training, behavior and health.
How to train your dog to stay in the yard is often a tricky thing that you are going to face. We have to give instruction to the dog to stay in the yard and not moaning to be able to get inside the house.
The reason why your dog is difficult to stay outside is because he is not familiar with the outside environment. Do not put the dog on leash and just let the dog does whatever he wants to do such as sniffing around, digging here and there and so on. You can do this by making sure that your dog knows basic obedience commands such as sit-stay and that he comes when called.

Virtually any dog will leave the yard unless you are standing over them watching them constantly.
If you have an invisible fence then your dog has been taught to respect the boundaries of the yard and he will not usually attempt to cross them.
Please make sure that your dog is wearing a collar with your name, address and phone number. This blog was started for his dog training clients and has grown to a blog for dog owners and trainers all over the world.
Thus, you have to make sure that your dog is familiar with your yard and that your dog will feel it comfortable to stay on the yard.
When the dog eventually finds it comfortable staying on the yard, he will be easier to stay there when you ask him to.
If you do this enough, and watch your dog like a hawk when he is alone in the yard, it is possible that you can prevent him from leaving the yard, but you will need to watch him constantly.
They would like to walk around the neighborhood or on a trail in a local park with their dog off leash.

When we have important guests in our house that we want to formally host, when we have guests bringing sleeping babies, or when we have guests with dog fur allergic of course we do not have other options than having to keep your dog outside. If another dog walks into your front yard, your dog will likely have something to say about it.
Stay on the yard for a while with your dog and then say to him that you will go inside and he needs to stay outside.
Some people will walk out their front door to the car expecting the dog to go directly to the backseat like so many times before.

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