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First, take your dog to the vet if this behavior appears when you touch some part of its body. You can ask one of your friends who are not known by your dog to help stop the habit to bite. Furthermore, in addition to finding ways in how to train your dog to do tricks, how to train a dog not to bite can be done by doing with physical exercise such as walking in the morning. It is very important to train your dog not to bite, as that might cause serious injuries to you, your family members or even strangers.
If you try everything mentioned above and your dog continues to bite, consult with your veterinarian or a specialized dog trainer for help.

The most frustrating thing when the dog ruin your shoes, tearing goods, fabrics, sofas, wood, and many items will be damaged because of the dog. Show your dog that you appreciate their companionship by spending time with them; they will do what they are asked to do when they feel like they are a part of the family.
Dogs that have hearing and vision problems will be more aggressive if there are startling it. Stay away from hostile behavior with your dogs that will only make them want to bite even more. Some of them provide videos that show dog owners what to do to get their dogs to obey them step by step.

Make sure that your dog stays active and plays outdoors on a regular basis, as that will keep your dog happy and healthy and help it not think about biting.
One thing you need to remember, every time the dog managed to do good thing and obey orders, give praise and reward. You can reward the dog by giving it a favorite treat when you ask it not to bite and it stops.

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