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I have seen the Paracord bracelets and have a couple myself, but when LABfan Craig introduced me to his Extreme Paracord Gear Dog Collar… well I just had to see how Extreme they really were. Extreme Paracord Gear is giving It’s a Lab Thing LABfans a free Paracord keychain with every order of the Extreme Paracord Dog Collar.
That means they do not rot, mildew and are extremely durable   The Collars can be washed too after those extra dirty adventures. EPC says that their collars are made to last your dogs entire lifespan.
The super cool thing is if you have to find yourself in a Bear Grylls type of moment and you have to actually use the EPG Dog Collar, just let Craig know that and they will replace it.

Our product line of dog training equipment, dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable. They are good looking, tough and when you get your hands on them you can feel the craftsmanship. They come constructed with either a tough side release buckle, or a marine grade stainless steel shackle. If you are looking for a big, bold, piece of gear that is a lot of fun to wear, one of our Survival Straps are for you.

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