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We thank Gabrielle Linden for sharing her new facebook link to encourage our mini pig population, most of which reside indoors, to try the Piddle Place for mini pigs    We spend so much time here self absorbed with dogs that we forgot there is a mini pig population out there waiting to squeal ! The truth is this is a situation in which you have Mother Nature working with you right from the start while puppy training. She also suggested placing dried leaves and a bit of dirt on the toilet just for initial training to make Elzalina feel like she was outside. While there at thousands of dog toilet training sites you can visit to offer expertise on housebreaking, ours is very different, as we include the option of an indoor dog toilet as part of our training.

Dad did not like the idea of an indoor dog toilet until we moved to this wonderful apartment in Minnesota. We found this chart useful from thousands of reviewers that offered insight of what was the best indoor dog toilet. Housebreaking a Puppy, the best free puppy training tips on housebreaking puppies and dogs. From two to four months of age, most pups pick up on the concept of housebreaking and crate training quite easily since it is part of their natural programming.

Don’t let unnecessary stress over this very natural, uncomplicated process taint any of the joy surrounding the puppy training process and your new dog’s puppyhood. With dog toilet training, Like with any language barrier, we must find a way to communicate.

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