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Also if you are not walking your dog in the morning before you leave for work then your dog has a lot of pent up energy for the whole day. Wait until the dog is laying down and semi ignoring you and then call them over and you can be all excited and happy to see them if you want, or just give a nice happy belly rub. While the video is aimed towards puppies, the basic principles will be the same for older dogs as well.
We ended up crate training her to end the separation anxiety, the crate became her home and after a while the separation anxiety mostly subsided. Even if you leave your dog out of a crate during the day, it's unlikely that they are spending the day walking around the house and getting exercise.
My American Pit Bull Terrier had some fierce separation anxiety when she about 7-9 months old. He has the worst separation anxiety and barks (and barks and barks and barks) and scratches up doors when we're gone. She just recently moved part-way across the country with two dogs, a cat and her man in a Mustang, and really really really needs to find a laundromat.

I know it seems mean to put them in a crate while you are gone, but if they are trained properly for the crate, this will be something that will help to soothe your dogs instead.
Our dog has a freerange one with reasonable rates, it helps relieve the pressure of having to stay at home with the beastie all the time.
A year later we're just as broke as we were before and the puppy is now an awkward 60-pound dog they never came back for. It may mean you have to get up earlier in the morning but if it helps keep the dog calm it is a win win, you both get exercise and the dog will be more mellow. The less obvious tactic we tried (and the thing that really made a difference for us) was to work on exercises that increase the dog's self-confidence. They aren't cheap, but they do come in very large sizes that your dog would have enough room in to move around a little.
Hey, it definitely worked to keep the barking down, but I doubt it took care of the actual anxiety problem. Don't underestimate how important it is to walk him, dogs are pack animals and they would walk together every day.

We have a couple of ropes he and our other dog play with, and he teases the cat with them too.
Being left in the open can trigger anxiety and apprehension (as well as tempt them to act up).
Put a comfy bed in, a toy or two, and if the dog is still unsure, a blanket over all sides except for the door.
I have seen a combination of increased exercise and proper crate training lead to many happy dogs and owners.

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