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Animals of all kinds can bring us so much joy, not only when things are going well, but also when we feel pain and are suffering. We all have struggles and challenges in our life, and it’s during those times that our pets can really come in handy to help us find our joy. I learned from this experience that the time I have spent working on myself, as opposed to the time I have spent trying to fix her problem, has been the most meaningful and the most productive. As I watch my dog go through her day, I realize the lessons are really right there in front of me if I care to pay attention. Here are some of the ways I can be the person my dog wants me to be, and be the person I want to be as well. We can spend time regretting the past and worrying about the future, but I have learned that the solution will not be found that way.
Dogs understand what is going on beneath the surface, as they are led by their instincts and rely on their gut reactions. When any of us have a traumatic situation, we can get off track and spend too much time focused on the situation, neglecting the other areas of our life. When dogs are given a job and contribute in some way to the well being of others they feel a sense of satisfaction.
About Cathy HullCathy Taughinbaugh is the mother of a former crystal meth addict who has been in recovery for over 6 years. Ah, actually I prefer cats to dogs.  But as you rightly point out, animals of all kinds can bring us so much joy, especially at critical times when we need support the most. Thank you for sharing your insights about dogs with tiny buddha readers.You are very special to respond to so many who wrote a reply!For 20 years I wanted to have a dog, but knew that my life in Asia was either too focused on work, or too temporary (in one location) to give the structure that a dog needs. An old friend of mine, Peter Levine who put PTSD therapy on the map credits his dog teaching him about how we can recover from PTSD. Maryanne always has some soul searching enlightening give me a different perspective on life things to say.THANKS FOR BEING YOU, and also sharing your struggles.

As a professional dog trainer I find this article to be more than touching in that someone else “gets it”!  I learn so much from my dogs and though I have many tell me how much I have helped them, it has come through connection and many times connection with the dogs! This was a wonderful reminder of how our dogs can teach us some of the things we sometimes forget. I have learned that when I am having a particularly bad day, be it stressed over finances, my school work, or a relationship issue, all I need to do is get the leashes out, and me and my two Dachshunds head out for a walk along the river. We look to our pets when we are ready to play and laugh, and they instinctively know when we need their support. The payoff in not forgiving is that we can continue to blame others for how we feel and remain the victim. Dogs need their exercise, a dose of love, and structure to their daily routine, and so do we. We rescued a dog from the SPCA about eight months ago, and I think my most important lessons about how to be good and happy person have come from her.
My kids and I were just talking about what loyal friends our dogs are, and how much comfort they bring in hard times with their unconditional love. A dog does give so much comfort when days are challenging and can just be your pal when things are going well. You will always have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a creature’s life just a little bit better. When a child learns to care for a pet, that is the beginning of learning kindness and care for others. A dog’s purpose seems to be the role of companion, and it is wonderful to know that they are there for you.
As soon as they start romping around in the grass and get that doggie smile, my problem seem to not be as big a deal as I was making them. There have been many nights that I wake with one of my anxiety attacks, and my little girl, Bella, is right there, rubbing her head against my beard.

When we balance our life, the stress fades to the background and we enjoy life that much more.
When the rules are clear, and enforced consistently, our pets do well; otherwise they are confused about what is acceptable behavior. I just read a Native American proverb somewhere that said: Every animal knows more than you do. My daughter has gone on to live a meaningful life and I know we all as a family will hold dear the lessons we learned from that experience.
We can let go of our concerns and take a walk with them, throw the ball and just enjoy the simple things of life. Some hesitate to have pets because they worry that they will be too sad when they pass away, but I look at it as the glass half full.
When we let go of everything else, the simple things like love and joy are what we have left. They’re incapable of holding grudges or worrying about any moment other than the present moment. When we take the time to observe them, we can truly understand why they are usually so filled with joy.
Although I am always sad, I enjoy my time with my dogs, and savor the memories when they go.
Whenever I was consumed with anxiety, upset about something, or dealing with some serious family issues, Jasmine was always there for me. They bond so quickly to their human and so deeply.I am not a perfect mom to my canine and feline family, and they are not perfect by any sense of the word, but we easily work through our differences, which is more than I can say for many of the humans I have shared my life with!We enjoy nature, they enjoy critters, I enjoy their 100% focus on whatever they hear or smell.

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