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About 30 friends, spouses, and grandchildren, armed with cameras and tripods, filled the nursing home cafeteria Tuesday night to watch five dogs graduate from mere pets to therapy dogs.
For the past month, the five dogs have been taught to remain calm around a wheelchair or the noisy clanking of a walker. By the end of the night, most of the caps were on the floor, dangling from the dogs' chins or tucked into a human pocket. When you hire All American Dog Training Academy as your dog training company we will assure you are receiving the best customer service and the best trainer for your family and your dogs' needs.
When you hire All American Dog Training, I will make sure you receive the best training and experience possible for your family and your pet. That experience has taught me the appreciation of dogs and how to be a wonderful caregiver. Upon leaving the military, I contacted All American Dog Training and completed their master training program.
They've endured the screeching of whistles as their owners tested the dogs' reactions under stress. Rehab patients will train longer with a dog present, they say, and normally unresponsive people light up when the dogs approach.

Petersburg, Lakeland and Bradenton and surrounding areas for over 40 years and have trained over 35,000 dogs and their owners in their homes, neighborhoods and businesses. All of our trainers have many years of experience and knowledge to make sure that you get the skills and the knowledge you need to effectively train your dog. When I was growing up, I always had hands-on experience in caring and training of my family dogs.
I have been involved with All American Dog Training Academy for 10 years and can help you with any concern that you may have when you call.
I am highly skilled in all phases of Obedience and Protection Training for your home or business. All American Dog Training has given me the chance to turn a lifelong hobby into a career that I love. I have a military training background where I was trained in all levels of Obedience, Behavioral Modification, Personal Protection for home or business. I worked in the military K-9 Center where I was given instruction on how to train and maintain military patrol dogs. I have also completed my training for Service work for PTSD as well as being a certified CGC evaluator.

I am dedicated to making sure you get the best training I'm capable of giving to your family and your pet. I have been trained through All American Dog Training Master Training program and have been with All American Dog Training Academy for 17 years.
I also train many of the Service and Therapy dogs and their owners and their special needs. I helped with the housebreaking and feeding schedules and the training of the puppies to ensure that they are well-behaved around the home. White & Family and the tradition of customer service and professional dog training will continue with the Springs Family. I was the training supervisor for 10 years and became the Vice President of All American Dog in July of 2009.

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