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The latest release of Water Test Regulations, agreed by all three clubs and implemented from 1st June 2011 are available for download. The latest release of Draught Test Regulations, agreed by both The Newfoundland Club and the Southern Newfoundland Club and implemented from 1st November 2011 is now available for download.
Kennel Club is warning people that they risk cooking their dogs alive if they leave them unattended in a car.
The Kennel Club has issued the following advice regarding travelling with your dog during warm weather. Let your dog take part in unnecessary exertion in hot weather, or stand in exposed sunlight for extended lengths of time.
Take cold water in a thermos rather than a plastic bottle so it stays cold rather than being lukewarm.
Locate Newfoundland dog rescue contacts,help local rescues, access program information for volunteers, read about heartwarming rescue stories, get advice about keeping your dog from needing rescue. We are Jenny and David Best we both came from homes where there was always one if not more dogs part of the family.

Since their lives together they had some rescue boys which came from poor starts but became wonderful pets and treasured members of the family. August 2007 our first Newfoundland Dog joined us, Buffy, and as they say the rest is history. We are members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada (NDCC) and the Atlantic Newfoundland Dog Club (ANDC). It demonstrates how easily dogs can suffer from brain damage, organ failure and death, if left in a hot car. Whether it be in a supermarket car park or at a show, make sure you let someone in authority know and if in doubt call the police or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.
Jenny was born in Switzerland where her family had Saint Bernards and Great Danes, so the giant breeds were part of her life from get go.
Teddy (GSD X Collie) who was severely abused took years to learn to trust, but once he realized human touch was not bad he was a fun and outgoing boy until his passing at the ripe old age of 15.
We truly enjoy this breed and adore them, but also know that these dogs are not for everyone.

Yes they do drool, there is no such thing as a dry mouthed Newfoundland dog, some just drool less. Once they passed of old age there was always some dogs which were brought home as they needed a good home. David grew up in Mount Pearl Newfoundland and his parents had different small breed dogs over the years, his first encounter with Newfoundland Dogs that he can remember made him want one of his own. If you live in a show home and are worried about a bit of fur, drool or dirt which may have come inside with the dog this breed isn't for you.

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