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In the revealing special, viewers will learn about the history of pit bulls, dating back to the 1800s, when they were commonly used on farms and cattle ranches to herd animals. Often abused or abandoned, today pit bulls are destroyed at a far higher rate than any other dog. MYTH: Pit Bulls have the lowest passing rate with the American Temperament Testing Society compared to the general dog population. TRUTH: There was a time when the pit bull was one of the most popular family pets in the country but because they have been held responsible for more fatal attacks on humans than any other type of dog in recent years, they have been vilified. This special showcases pit bull trainers, advocates and dog owners, and my own work in rehabilitating pit bull breeds, and takes a deeper look so the public can gain a greater knowledge and understanding of these unique and misunderstood breeds. This is a great opportunity to share the story of Sonic and discuss his background, the rehabilitation process, and his future. With this special, I am asking the public to consider whether their beliefs that these breeds are more dangerous and naturally aggressive than other breeds hold true or if humans and bad training should share more of the blame.
In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at twenty years of data about dog bites and human fatalities in the United States.
THIS MEANS THAT IT IS AT LEAST HALF A MILLION TIMES MORE LIKELY THAT A PIT BULL WILL BE KILLED BY A HUMAN THAN THE OTHER WAY AROUND. And while I understand their criticisms of Millan, I never cease to be amazed at the all-or-nothing attitude that seems to exist in this country where we feel like we have to take polarized views on someone we don't agree with 100%. 4) On this front, Millan has been vocal against pit bull bans in various parts of the country.
7) Chaining dogs is not an appropriate way to contain a dog and can lead to behavioral issues in the dog. It's hard to believe that a man who sends these messages out to millions of people through different media could have so many animal welfare people dislike him. Four years ago, I stood in the doorway of a city council meeting in Leavenworth, KS because the city council chambers was full.
At one point, one of the city council members noted that he confessed to not really knowing a lot about dogs -- but he had watched the Dog Whisperer and there were pit bulls on that show that were really good dogs and that it sure seemed like the dogs were just a reflection of their owners.
The reason he got the call was because someone had so majorly screwed up their dog that it is severely messed up. While I realize that good positive-only dog trainers are able to curb these behaviors using their positive training techniques, it does seem at least logical, and not abusive, to use some form of corrective behavior in order to get the dog to cease acting aggressively, and begin to focus on other training. What makes the situation worse for these trainers, they end up seeing the dogs that come in because their owner has screwed them up even more trying to emulate Millan. These dog owners try to do what Millan does -- but lack what is probably his greatest asset which is incredibly quick hands and excellent timing to redirect unwanted behavior before the behavior actually starts.

But I think it's still important to acknowledge the overarching messages that he tries, successfully in my opinion, to get across in his program. One Bark at a Time has a funny story of a family of Cesar Millan fans that come visit the shelter. I went into the project expecting to find some common ground with Cesar, and with both Bella and Baby Girl I did. But I watched several of his shows and, though I'm not a trainer, I was very uncomfortable with some of the things he did. But the thing that made me turn off the show for good was when he hung an aggressive dog from the end of a leash. Carianne - I personally think that's a problem with the country on EVERY important issue right now. Brent - I see where you're coming from and I completely agree people *should* seek the assistance of a trainer. Attorneys for Alison Bitney said in the complaint that she permanently lost feeling and function in her left hand after the attack at the dog owner's home in Santa Clarita.
In fact, they are highly intelligent and, with proper training, can be loyal and loving companions.
While loved by many, Cesar Millan has become highly controversial figure among canine behaviorists and dog trainers.
The Anti-Cesar Millan facebook group has nearly 3,000 members -- some of who are regular readers of this blog or that I know personally.
If your dog is misbehaving, it is because of something that you did - -not something that is the fault of the dog. After a couple a pretty major dog attacks in the Kansas City area, and a rash of hysteria brought on by the local media, Leavenworth, like many cities in the metro, was discussing potentially banning pit bulls from the community. In spite of the disclaimers that owners shouldn't try these techniques at home, people do. His larger overarching message is too good of one to just throw out in your dislike of the methods of how he got there. Eric does a good job in his breakdowns of the episodes and what he sees as good and bad with his training.
There is another one in progress, but I backed off for a while because I don't want DSF to turn into an anti-Millan site. IMO, I'm not sure there should be any dog training show on TV that has such a disclaimer. Really, no matter what training technique you use, you should always start with it under the instruction of someone who is actually a real trainer and knowledgable out the subject (which, unfortunately, aren't always the same thing).

I just meant that it seems he puts that disclaimer on there because he occasionally employs techniques that could potentially cause serious physical harm to humans or dogs.
Bella was a dog that 99% of people who work in shelters, rescues, or trainers I know would have recommended to be euthanized. 23, 2014, attack, just six days after the dog had been released by Millan's Dog Psychology Center. She is seeking punitive damages.Jen Woodard, the director of the Dog Psychology Center, said in a statement that Millan never had contact with the dog and never trained the animal.
For Cesar, rescuing the pit bull from near extermination is a cause worthy of his time and attention.
Inspired by his personal experiences with Daddy, the special showcases Cesar meeting with pit bull trainers, advocates, and dog owners to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of these unique and misunderstood breeds, and to share that message with the world. Millan has become the face of what many trainers call Dominance Training for dogs -- and a popular face at that. We not the most brilliant of species, and we do try what we see on TV -- which is why there are millions of YouTube videos of painful-looking falls of people who have tried to copy something they watched during the X Games. In other ways I wonder if the owners would have ever taken an active-enough interest in their dogs to even try in the first place. Once the dog is calm again, the owners are then allowed to interact with the dog -- which is pretty classic positive reinforcement.
And I realize that when these people see Millan, and folks that tried his methods on their own and failed, he represents everything that is wrong (in their mind) with dog trainers. He would never dis other folks ideas the way his critics do him, he would listen to their ideas and consider using them if he thought they might work. It seems that for every experienced trainer that criticizes him, there are 100 viewers that refuse to countenance any criticism of their pop star. Most dogs probably aren't going to suffer irreparable harm by being clicked and treated, even if done wrong by the handler. But the end result is that at least the owner realizes that the dog's behavior is bad and it is their job to fix it.

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