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The Kerry Hotel in Shanghai created this million-ball ball pit by filling an 82-foot x 41-foot wide (25m x 13m) swimming pool with green and pink balls to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention (get those titties checked, ladies). Hit the jump for several more shots of how I want to spend every afternoon (although mine would need a deep end for diving).
Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. It kind of looks like the weird hanging fixture on the right is actually a giant cat poop floating in the air. The largest ballpit was made on 30 Dec 1999 in Wouwse Plantage, Netherlands by the Stichting Carnaval. There is no official record holder for the deepest ballpit but my money is on Italy’s balls. I can’t find a verified photo of Mr McMillan so I like to picture him as half Einstein and half Mother Theresa.

Well since you asked so nicely… There was a man called Josh Ente who in 2012 had a vision to turn an derelict, abandonned New Orleans house, damaged by Hurricane Katrina, into a giant ball pit with foam walls and no entrance fee. In more successful news, at MIT in the US, students have converted a meditation room into a ballpit. However,if they want to get me excited, they should make a pool the same dimensions, but 12 feet deep. I thought OP posted a picture trying to convince people that the ball pit was real and then you posted the original picture. Emailed production company to make them aware and host ended up having thyroid cancer and didn't know.
It makes sense that the largest ballpit in existence would be in China home as they have the most people to fit in a ballpit.
In 2008, performance artist Graziano Cecchini dropped half a million plastic balls down the Spanish Steps in Rome.

I know that in Australia, the Crows Nest Pub near Sydney made a valiant attempt to take the record for biggest ballpit party.
Despite the lack of actual bodies, there was probably someone (out of the seven people who turned up) that sunk a couple of coldies and then sunk to the bottom of the ballpit, only to be discovered 16 hours later. I could say I’m revealing the seedy underbally, but that would be incredibly inappropriate and gross.

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