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STRONGSTUFF Heavy Duty Dog Gear is hand made in Great Britain, by one person, using only the best quality British made components and materials to the highest standard possible.
Webbing is of the best quality available, fittings are either nickel plated welded steel or solid brass, stitching is bonded nylon, on average there are 5 or 6 rows of stitching along the length of each collar, stress points are all at least triple stitched for extra strength.
Holes are heat sealed and will never fail, the heat sealing process makes them stronger than using metal eyelets.
These collars can be made in most colours or combinations of colours with either single or double pin buckles.

These are made to a similar specification to the 2” wide collars but are single pin only and can be made with either steel or solid brass fittings in most colours. Lots of different options, from single collars to traditional type couples or quick release type couples. The El Perro dog collar is a top quality product - handmade and resistant to strain; strongly recommended to breeders. This tough dog collar consists of two core layers of Polypropylene with a design strip, offering a unique look.

With hard-wearing rust-resistant forged fittings this collar is extra secure and remains soft to touch; offering your dog comfort while on the move.

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