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Step 3Let new people offer your puppy tasty little treats when she meets them, but only if she isn't showing extreme fearfulness. Step 5Consult an experienced veterinary behaviorist to help your pup overcome her fears if your attempts fail.
Step 1Say your pup's name in a loud, clear, happy voice and give her praise and a small treat when she looks at you. Step 5Introduce more and more distractions -- such as someone walking by, a ball rolling near her or something similar -- while having someone hold your puppy at a 20-foot distance from you. Step 7Remove the leash in an enclosed, fenced-in area and practice more and more every day until your pup has gotten over the distractions and comes when called. If your pup has a tendency to run from you when outside, call her name happily and run the other way. Expect that in the beginning it will take longer than if you started with a puppy, because you have to undo all the previously learned, unwanted behavior.

Have new people come over and instruct them not to approach the puppy, look at her in the eye or even talk to her.
Getting tasty treats will help her learn that people aren't bad and she can expect good things from them.
Puppies learn best from other dogs, and they will pick up good and bad behaviors from other dogs more quickly than from people.
The "come" command is one of the most important, especially if you like to take your pup for long walks in new areas or she has a knack for escaping! Many times pups exhibiting this behavior think you're playing with them, and a game of chase or tag is just what they were after. Sometimes though, they can get scared when approached or they think you want to play an energetic game of tag when it's really time to stop playing or come inside. Have them sit quietly in a chair and have a conversation with you while the puppy is in the room.

Letting her interact with new puppies and having her observe how other puppies act with their people can make a world of difference in a fearful pup. Never punish your pup when she comes back to you; she will get the impression that bad things happen when she comes back to you. Most puppies will come up to a new person even if they are shy or scared, as long as the person doesn't intimidate them.

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