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When you have successfully removed them from the furniture, it is also important to direct them towards their comfort area.
If your Rottweiler begins showing signs of aggression when on the furniture, you may need to limit or possibly even ban them from that room.
Dogs like to be comfortable, and odds are that your sofa is a whole lot cushier than your floor.

Because you deliver only in exchange for behaviors that you like, your dog offers those behaviors more and more.Structure like this works well for puppies, rowdy dogs, and pushy, noodgy dogs too. If your dog stiffens or curls her lip or growls or snaps at you when you approach her while she lounges on the sofa, then she should forfeit access to the sofa.
Instead, when Dogalini gets off the sofa, deliver the treat from your other hand or from a stash in another location.

Sometimes Dogalini gets a food treat and praise for jumping off the furniture, and sometimes she just gets praise.

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