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Q: Sometimes my dog gets really excited about going on a walk and he will jump and chew at the leash. Other dogs are over-aroused, and the easiest way to release tension is to bite on the leash. Then there are dogs who simply prefer to carry something in their mouths; for these dogs, the leash serves as a sort of pacifier.
There are a variety of ways to teach your dog to walk politely on leash without biting or jumping, but I have a few favorites that have been successful in helping clients put an end to the chewing.
Once your dog is able to remain relaxed at the sight of the leash, clip the leash on his collar or harness while he remains in a sit.
Sometimes, dogs will bite and tug on their leash when it’s time to turn around and go home from a fun walk. When your dog is walking calmly on a loose leash, no one pays attention to him, but when he acts out, the focus shifts directly to him. In the shelter situation, dogs frequently grab and chew on the leash, often when first taken out of the kennel and led with other dogs.
Rather than reprimanding your dog for tugging and mouthing, teach him to relax at the sight of the leash.
This teaches your dog to see the leash as a cue for relaxation, rather than as a trigger for excitable mouthing.

An excited puppy will focus on the thing nearest thing to his mouth if his urge is to chew. First, this leash-biting situation frequently happen when your dog in his puppyhood time, because leash is an strange thing to him and pup has the playful natural, so when people try to use leash to lead him, he will think that you are playing tug of war to him, so dog will bite the leash in order to play with you.
If you become sidetracked by a chatting neighbor or an adorable puppy, still click and treat your dog for good manners using the below tips.
By rewarding this behavior, your excited dog will learn two things: it pays to stop biting the leash and self-control. The more intense the situation and the more wound up a dog is, the more likely that leash biting will occur. Second, dogs like free as any other animal, leash to dog is just a kind of imprison to him, so he resists it by biting. To find inspiring, interesting and comprehensive pet information, to learn more about pet care and pet fashion, to make yourself a better friend to your pet. We cover a range of topics, from socializing puppies to dealing with aggressive dog behavior to selecting the best dog products. Begin by rewarding the previously trained behavior of relaxing at the sight of the leash and sitting for the leash clipping.
With something else in his mouth, he can indulge his excitable urge for chewing without shredding the leash to bits.3 - Observe his body language while on the leash.

As you do this, the leash will begin to hang near to his mouth, increasing the temptation for him to chew. If you spot him cocking his head or otherwise attempting to wrap his mouth around the leash, call his name. As your dog stays relaxed, touch and move the leash while continuing to reward his calm behavior. If your dog starts mouthing or tugging at the leash, freeze in place and ignore him; this stops both the walk and the reward of your interaction. By distracting him just for a second, you disrupt the process he experiences that drives him to chew on the leash. Do not pull your dog especially a young dog with leash, as he will feel upset and unhappy with you and the leash. With sufficient repetition, your dog will learn that the pleasure of walking and receiving praise is brought to an abrupt end the second his bites that leash.

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