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If you have a cat and a dog, your biggest problem scaling that relationship may not be whether the two animals get along with each other. No, we are discussing litter-coated cat poop – those Shake-N-Bake tootsie rolls irresistible to your dolt of a dog. This is NOT a mineral or other nutrient deficiency that is driving your dog to sift through the cat box for her leavings. Discouraging your dog’s predilection for cat feces is a delicate balance, as you don’t want the cat to become averse to her own litter box. 3.Put a box (or 2) over the litter box with a hole in the end so the cat can tunnel through but not the dog. 5.There are also indoor dog containment systems available that activate a citronella collar whenever your dog approaches the system’s movable base, and you could place this base near the litter box. Dustin recently realized how deep his love for dogs was when he caught himself whistling while picking up dog poop in the back yard. So coating the box in Bitter Apple or hiding it or booby trapping the entrance to it will likely motivate your cat to use your bed pillow as a toilet in retribution.
Since eating poop can be hazardous to your dog’s health (think disease-causing bacteria) below are a few ideas to try.

Rearrange the litter box so that the cat can enter but the dog can’t – raising it or changing the angle of entrance can discourage a foraging canine. Position a gate to block off the litter box, then slightly elevating it so that the cat can get underneath but the dog can’t. Give your dog something to do to keep him busy so he won’t be interested in ransacking the cat box – a treat ball, stuffed and frozen Kong, a Buster Cube – acceptable food that is available to him and that he has to work to get it. Place the litter box(es) in a room that you can gate off in some way so that your cat has access but your dog does not. Use a taste deterrent on your cat’s feces, such as finely ground black pepper, crushed hot pepper, Tabasco® sauce, or Grannick’s Bitter Apple® spray or gel.
What has you on the Internet searching the web in desperation for answers is that the dog is persistently dining on cat products, and we’re not talking about the catnip. The cat, unless she is elderly or obese, is typically quite agile enough to leap for her meals. You can use a cat door or a baby gate that the cat can climb over or under but your dog can’t. Empty soda cans positioned above the box so that your dog knocks them over, a motion-activated alarm and Snappy Trainers all work well.

You must apply the deterrent consistently to the feces for a significant period of time so that he comes to expect that all cat feces taste horrible. Hitting him with a newspaper or spanking him probably won’t stop him from eating feces, and it might cause more serious problems, such as fear or aggression. You can use an accordion-style gate that has openings large enough for your cat but not your dog.
Be aware that you can only implement this procedure for specific periods of time when your dog has access but your cat is confined away from the box.
The instant you see your dog place his head in the litter box, blast the air horn or activate the collar.
Do NOT use any type of verbal warning or else your dog will learn that the cat litter box is fair game unless you’re watching him. You’ll need to apply this deterrent every time your dog attempts to eat cat feces and persist until he shows clear avoidance of the box for several weeks.

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