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Tattle Tale is another great product that works by sensing vibration on the surface and startles your dog by setting off a two-second alarm. If Doggie gets used to the idea that yummy stuff lurks on the counter, he'll be more tempted to try to get to it. Keeping your dog from the kitchen is the most simple, efficient method to preventing your dog from learning this horrible behavior.
If your dog is older and reliable to be left alone in the home all day, but still has this one terrible habit, then use a booby trap. Well, that will require some training, unless you don't mind Doggie stealing food and running off with everything else on the counter that's remotely attractive to him.

If your dog is young and still learning, he should not be left alone in the home without supervision.
Use a crate when you leave, or secure him in a puppy proofed room, or if you will be gone a long time use a dog run outside. Safe, effective training mats keep pets out of prohibited areas such as furniture, window sills, or counter tops. When he tries to jump on the counter, he'll either get soaked in water or jump out of his skin because of the noise of the metal crashing down.
Once Doggie gets used to the idea that nothing interesting is on the counter, he'll be less tempted to look for things, even on days they are there.

Your dog will look forward to the time you spend in the kitchen and instead of focusing on what he is going to steal; he will immediately go to his pillow to chew on his favorite bone.
If your dog is like the Jack Russell Terrier that simply enjoys jumping up and walking around (like a cat) on your countertops, the Mat Jr.

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