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It is frustrating when your dog digs anyplace without apparent reason, but when the excavation centers over the prized oriental rug, it's time to come to terms with Rover. Outside digging is easier to understand than the indoor grubbing up of blankets and rugs, but they are actually the same behavior. In the wild, dog ancestors would have dug out rodents or other prey, possibly grubs or even tubers to eat. Digging on the carpet before lying down might seem strange to humans, but for dogs it is nothing more than a natural instinct passed down from their predecessors. Dogs did not always have the luxury of sharing space with humans who could provide them with safe and comfortable places to rest. The bottom of a dog’s paws release a unique scent that is enhanced by scratching the ground. Wild dogs would sometimes dig into the ground to enhance comfort by gathering leaves into a pile. Your dog doesn't know the difference between removing rocks or dirt and moving man-made things that are in his way when he is looking for a comfortable resting place. Dogs often exhibit destructive behavior under stressful circumstances such as during thunderstorms or when you leave them alone.

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The natural urge to dig allows dogs to tap into their primal side to claim territory, have fun or just get comfortable.
Wild dogs would employ digging behaviors to create secure nests where they could safely relax. Digging into the carpet or any other surface that they plan to rest on allows dogs to leave their scent as claim for the territory.
Warm temperatures may inspire a dog to dig at the floor in an attempt to find cooler ground.
Dogs that have excess energy or are bored sometimes use digging behaviors to release pent-up energy and have a good time. While dogs are instinctively inclined to engage in digging behaviors, torn carpets, scratched floors, or unwanted holes in the yard may become a problem for some pet parents.
He wants a cool spot to lie down on when he's hot, or a warm nest when he's cold, and if he has to dig to China or through your carpet to find that ideal spot, he will do it come hell or high water. When he isn't digging to retrieve food, your dog may be digging to put away a tasty morsel -- like that leftover bone -- for a midnight snack.

Dogs that dig into the carpet before lying down are simply exercising a primal urge to build a safe sleeping area. In cooler temperatures, dogs may use digging behaviors to build a warm, cozy den in which to relax.
While humans might find it to be a strange source of entertainment, most dogs enjoy engaging in digging behaviors. Head off destructive digging from boredom by giving your dog plenty of mental and physical stimulation each day. If your pup is seriously digging in one spot, you might try checking under the rug to see if you missed something last time you vacuumed.
Ask your veterinarian or a reputable dog psychologist for recommendations for helping your dog cope with his anxiety.

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