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If you rabbit roams freely in your home then it's likely the doors, frames and skirting or base boards are going to be damaged by your rabbit nibbling them. The bottom of doors, door frames and skirting boards all lie at a convenient height, in the path of your rabbit.
If you use a closed door to stop your house rabbit having access to off limits areas of your home this can get quite a lot of attention as your rabbit test it's boundarys, especially if it can hear you on the other side. It's very hard to stop this behaviour and no matter how many times to say NO and it only takes a moment for the damage to be done.
The soft wood your door frames are made of can easily become rounded off by unwanted chewing behaviour. Devon dog behaviour behaviour, dog training & typical, As shadow, jogger wheel chasing instinct chase stock natural dog. Chess board - woodworkers institute, I fancied game chess board receiving dog' chewing fits.

Anti-Chew Strips can help to deter dogs and teething puppies from damaging your household furniture and fittings. Anti-Chew Strips can be used to stop puppies and dogs from teething or chewing on a variety of surfaces including doors, skirting boards, kitchen units, chairs, tables, cables, sofas, side-tables, beds, chests of drawers and dressers. About Teaching PuppiesWritten by a former guide dog trainer and canine behaviourist with over ten years working professionally with dogs as well as an Animal Behaviour Science BSc hons our aim is to get you off to the right start with your dog.
To help prevent this its best to provide some safe and acceptable alternatives that can act as a tasty distraction such as chew blocks, willow sticks, wicker toys, and card board boxes. You can apply the spray directly to the affected area or to help stop the spray going everywhere you can also spray some into a cloth then wipe the liquid on.
A much better deterrent is to keep a water mister to hand and when you catch your chewing or scratching at a door skirting board spray some mist over it.
The anti-chew strip only contains natural ingredients that a dog will dislike tasting or smelling, which encourages your dog to stop chewing your woodwork and fabrics.

This special mix is also successfully used with the Anti-Lick Strip range of products which are applied directly to cats and dogs to stop them from licking their wounds. After using the anti-chew strip for a while your dog will learn to leave the surface alone and you can then remove the Anti-Chew Strip from your furnishings. Lastly don't expect this to stop the problem in itself as you may find your rabbit more then prepared to put up with the taste.

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