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I don't use a clicker, but just when we are spending time together, I will say "Mama" with a questioning voice, and when the dog tries to say it, I just act all happy and praise him.
Remember, if you do not always have treats somewhere (hot dogs, cheese, chicken pieces, etc.), you are not near as interesting as you could be and you won't get near the results. Our neighbors got a new fence, they switched from chain link to a wooden privacy fence, and all of a sudden Skittles stopped barking! Being on the leash may signal to him that it's time for business and not time for investigating the yard and barking his head off.

The noise may just be enough to block out any strange noises from outside that would cause him to wake up and start barking. She must not be barking when she get the treat and the treat should be given within a couple of seconds otherwise she won't make the connection so always have small treats in your pocket (hand is better and faster) ready to give her. If she is a young pup you could try using her puppy kibble but it won't work on an older dog they are too smart. My son has a new girl friend staying there and she sprays water in his face and yells "stop barking".

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