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No matter how you view licking by a dog, this behavior is extremely common, yet a nuisance to some people.
The only time you should stop constant licking is if the dog is licking himself incessantly, using licking as a fear reaction, or licking as an obsessive compulsive behavior. Once you determine that the licking is not connected to a health concern, or some larger problem, you can move on to the next step. When training your dog not to lick you, understand that this behavior is typically attention-seeking.
The best way to eliminate the licking, then, is to eliminate the attention you give your dog when he licks.
A dog wound may be the result of surgical incision, injury, or a complication from simple skin irritation. Whether a dog wound is the result of surgery, injury, or irritation, the most important thing to do once a wound has been stitched or bleeding staunched, is to prevent infection. Veterinarians often recommend e-collars to prevent dog wound licking after surgeries such as spaying and neutering, as well as following any procedure that may require stitches. Minor licking may not be a problem but excessive licking can drastically slow healing or even cause severe infections.
Neck Collars to Stop Dogs from Licking The most commonly used and usually effective measure is the collar that fits around the neck and prevents the dog from having access to the area.

Leave the dog alone for about 20 seconds and repeat the process and see if he tries to lick you again. Dog wound licking is very common, and while it may be instinctive, it can cause problems for the dog.
Oftentimes, dogs cause their own open wounds or sores as the result of excessive biting, scratching or licking irritated areas. Certain prescription or over-the-counter medications may be necessary to reduce itching and prevent infection, but it is also important to keep the wound clean and to prevent dog wound licking.
It relieved burning, itching and general pain and tasted horrible so the dog would avoid licking it. Boredom and behavior problems can result in obsessive licking, resulting in injury and inflammation to the skin.
Simply telling the pet to stop and moving his head away may work for a brief time but does not help when you are not around or are asleep.
By covering the wound, the hope is that the dog will attempt to lick the wound, realize they cannot get to it and give up.
However, because I train service dogs, from my perspective jumping can become very helpful if the dog needs to retrieve an item. Dog wounds or sores that appear as a result of irritation are commonly referred to as "hot spots." A hot spot is a skin infection that develops quickly and is typically the result of some type of skin irritation, whether due to inadequate grooming, fleas, mites, or other skin irritant.

If a bandage can be applied, this will help prevent the dog from licking or biting, but odds are they will merely tear the bandage off.
By preventing dog wound licking, the wound itself is left to heal without added moisture, irritation, and germs. While these devices may be slightly annoying to the dog, especially when sleeping or eating, they do not actually interfere with required daily activities and the successful prevention of wound licking will help facilitate the healing process and minimize the risk of costly and potentially dangerous infections. Licking and biting are a frequent symptom of hot spots and actually perpetuates a cycle, making the wound slow to heal. As a result, one of the most effective ways to prevent dog wound licking is the use of an Elizabethan collar.
Collars and cones can be purchased at most pet supply retailers and may also be available from your dog's veterinarian. You may have to use a strip of sticky tape to tape the bottom hem of the t-shirt to the dog to prevent the shirt from slipping.

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