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Probably the most common or at least the most recognizable causes of licking is at a surgical site. Initial treatment is much the same for boredom or stress licking as any other type of granuloma. Exercise is an important of both dealing with boredom and with stress and often high-energy dogs that are not being exercised enough will display their frustration in self-mutilation.
Lastly, over enthusiastic licking can be caused by something physical such as a poorly healed injury or a new lump either in the skin, on the skin or under the skin.
This type of compulsive licking should be treated like any other granuloma with topical ointments and antibiotics if necessary. The best way to stop a dog from licking itself is to be aware of their behaviors and catching the problem before it occurs or become a situation that requires a visit to the vet. Daily brushing, especially for longhaired or thick-coated breeds, helps to find lick spots before they develop into granulomas and treatment is as simple as blocking the dog from accessing that spot for a few days. As the fur begins to grow back and the healing process causes the site to itch, licking and chewing may start.

A veterinarian will exam the dog from nose to tail to find an underlying cause of the itch and then decide on a course of treatment to not only treat the granuloma but to also put a stop to the cause of the licking. Because stress and boredom licking occurs when the owners are away from home, owners are not aware of the problem until the dog has worn through their fur and have hit skin. If there is only one localized area where the dog focuses their attention, there is a strong likelihood that there is something irritating that spot. For spots on the body, try putting the dog in a t-shirt instead of an Elizabethan collar as most dogs tolerate a shirt better then the collar.
Keep your dog happy, healthy, clear of hitchhiking critters and well exercised so the slurping, sucking and chewing noises are never heard in your home! The initial treatment is the same but dogs lick themselves for a number of reasons and depending on what is making them lick will determine how you address the problem. Often allergies are the problem whether they are from fleabites, environmental or a food allergy.
Once the granuloma is cleared up, dissuading the licking behavior is sometimes effective as is surgically removing a lump or wart that is causing the irritation.

Usually granuloma treatment includes a topical ointment that contains not only antibiotics but also something to fight the itch or pain so the dog is more inclined to ignore it.
The vet will prescribe anti-histamines in conjunction with antibiotics and once the allergy is under control, the licking should stop. Stay on top of the treatment until the area is back to normal and the dog no longer seems inclined to lick or chew. If they do not ignore it then bitter or unpleasant tasting products like bitter orange are used to repel the licking. If that does not stop the problem, then an Elizabethan or Buster collar must be worn to prevent the dog from reaching the spot.
For some dogs it is a food allergy and you will need to try different foods to try and eliminate it.

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