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The webbing and metal buckle are surrounded by soft fleece so that no sharp edges rub or cut into your dog’s neck and throat.
The flaw in this kind of logic so loved by some is that fear is not a behaviour, it is an emotion therefore by comforting the dog you are not rewarding fear because emotions cannot be rewarded. Quite often, when people are faced with a fearful dog, especially small dogs, they pick it up, cuddle and kiss it or get hysterical themselves which incidentally are the things most dogs generally dislike.  They may tolerate this kind of thing on a daily basis but throw in a potentially fearful situation such as fireworks then before you know it you’ve created a dog who perhaps wasn’t bothered too much about fireworks before but has now associated it with what the dog already finds aversive such as the kisses and cuddles and before you know it you’ve a dog that suddenly is bothered about fireworks because of what is going to follow. Nice thing followed by scary thing will (probably) eventually teach the dog that the nice thing will predict something bad and eventually turn it into an aversive. Have lots of your dog’s favourite treats so that you can distract the dog by getting him to do simple behaviours such as sit, down etc.

Have a Kong to hand stuffed with something like boiled chicken or anything the dog really likes.  Don’t stuff it with paste or peanut butter as the dog cannot get it all out and so could become frustrated and lose interest. Make sure his water bowl is full as a stressed dog will pant more therefore increasing thirst. Fear is not a pleasant emotion for us to experience and neither is it for dogs but with a little understanding and empathy, we can turn a fearful experience into a positive one. About Living With Wolves Dog TrainingAs a professionally qualified dog behaviourist, you are assured of the very best in modern and scientifically proven techniques which will only ever enhance the relationship you have with 'man's best friend'. We are based in Haslemere, Surrey, but train dogs across the South of England, including Hampshire and West Sussex.

Unfortunately, when your dog pulls on those types of collars the adjusters move, stretching it so that the dog can slip out and escape.

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