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The world’s oldest lap dogs lived about 15,000 years ago in France and may have been the size of a miniature poodle. I love to hear these stories.Something I never really thought about but is such a fantastic find and does make sense that our four legged friends would have warmed a lap or two ! Researchers guess these small companions may have warmed the laps of cavemen on cold nights and served as hunting partners. Researchers believe these dogs were shorter than 17 inches tall and domesticated from small wolves or larger European dogs. It’s easy to get some dog food or cat meals in the supermarket, but your Non Shedding Small Dogs Lap Dogs want more supplements. Whether it’s a cat or a canine, having Non Shedding Small Dogs Lap Dogs will pressure you to provide loads of consideration and care to your furry companion.

She is quiet, affectionate, and gets along with everyone from other dogs to strangers and children.
She can weigh up to 18 pounds.Chinese CrestedThe Crested is a playful little 10 pound lap dog and companion that is friendly with other dogs, cats, people and children. She needs very little exercise such as a short walk on leash or a game in the yard and her primary job is to keep your lap warm.
She's a sweetheart around the house and is devoted to the family and children and a pretty good lap dog.
This is an affectionate family lap dog.Italian Greyhound with red raincoatItalian GreyhoundThe Italian Greyhound is a quiet, gentle and affectionate breed that loves to run and play but has relatively low exercise needs which makes her a good lap dog. She gets along very well with children, is more tolerant than many dogs, is affectionate and playful beyond description, a lapdog, and devoted companion.

They are responsive, eager to please and are at home on your lap.PugThe Pug is a sure contender for the small dog breeds group. The Shih Tzu is foremost an affectionate companion and lapdog that loves to play and romp but needs little exercise beyond a brief walk. She’s good with (well mannered) children and other pets.Toy Fox TerrierToy Fox Terriers really do fit the small dog breeds and lap dogs list.

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