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Whether or not your dog snuggles under the covers at bedtime may just be a matter of preference. Loud snoring, intermittent pauses in breathing or frequent waking are signs that your young dog might have sleep apnea. Behaviorally speaking, adolescence is the period where nature demands that your dog learn to make decisions himself, based on his own desires. While the number of hours young dogs sleep may seem excessive to you, in some cases it can indicate a medical problem. In veterinary school we learned the period of adolescence in dogs begins around 7 months of age, depending on the breed. While oversleeping in puppies is rarely a concern I hear from dog owners, if you notice your adult dog seems to be sleeping more, it may indicate a medical concern. On the opposite end of the sleep spectrum, if your adult dog never seems to wind down, this also may be a sign of a medical problem. While you are working all day (perhaps unlike a dog), if left alone and bored, Rover will fill his hours catching his ZZZs.
When dogs sleep in the wild, they often dig a nest and tuck into a ball to conserve body heat.

Adolescence passes quickly enough, and after some trial and error, you should be able to find out what best motivates your dog.
Generally speaking, if you see changes beyond sleeping more, such as sluggish behavior while awake or a change in appetite, this may indicate illness.
Snoring loudly, intermittent pauses in his breathing and frequent waking are commonly noticed by pet owners when a dog suffers from sleep apnea. Adulthood is when many canine diseases begin developing, such as hypothyroidism, one of the more common diseases of adult and middle-aged dogs.
Patty Khuly says this sleeping position might signal that your dog feels extremely relaxed and comfortable in his environment, with no need to protect his organs. This is just an average and some dogs will sleep more and others less, and growth spurts during his adolescence will cause him to catch even more naps. Not only will it help your dog sleep, it will strengthen your bond and lower your own blood pressure, too, helping you both drift to sleep more easily. While some dogs are more social than others, if your dog enjoys the opportunity to regularly romp off-leash with same species buddies, make sure to fit this into your weekly schedule. Dogs love classic games including tug of war, chase, hide-and-seek, find the treat and even grooving out with you to the radio.

Make sure your dog has a comfy sleeping spot, and limit pre-bedtime activity to a soothing petting session. This doesn't necessarily mean that your dog feels unsafe in his bed; it could just be that he happens to have the same sleeping preferences as his ancestors! If you have a large-breed dog, expect him to take longer to transition into a full-fledged adult.
For instance, active, hard-working police dogs take fewer naps on the job than the lap dog cuddled on the couch at home. Because thyroid hormone helps maintain a healthy metabolism, dogs with low levels tend to sleep more and are prone to obesity.
If you suspect your dog has trouble sleeping, be sure to ask your veterinarian if there is cause for concern.
Food puzzles require patience, time and problem solving, which are great ways to give your dog some mental exercise in your absence.

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