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But unbeknown to us, we had adopted a giant breed dog with pretty severe reactivity toward other dogs.
If your dog has a serious behavior problem, you have several options before seriously considering euthanization. While I’m comfortable tackling certain behavior problems in dogs, I have to refer others to veterinary behaviorists, or those who have at least a master’s degree in behavioral sciences. But sometimes, even in the best of circumstances and with the best of care, euthanasia may be an appropriate option. If you are seriously considering euthanasia for your dog’s behavior problem, don’t hesitate to consult your veterinarian regarding your concerns, and do seek out a qualified behavior professional. Almost every day, from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, I am working with, playing with, writing about, and talking about dogs.

Usually, the family has already discussed euthanasia and is seeking professional training as a last-ditch effort to save the dog. Your own circumstances: My own anxiety issues made rehabilitating my own reactive Saint Bernard very challenging.
Sometimes, I talk, think, write about, work with, and play with dogs so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if my brain was furry and floating in a sea of cerebral dog slobber. While he was never a “normal” dog, the situations he was able to enjoy expanded dramatically, and we were able to do things we’d never imagined were possible, like having a doggy play date with carefully selected, socially tolerant dogs. Rehoming may also be an option, but for dogs that are repeatedly displaying dangerous behavior, there are significant ethical and liability questions to be considered (which will be a topic for another day). And I became a dog trainer, because I wanted to learn everything I could about helping dogs and their people.

Not everyone is able to or willing to do this, including really great people who dearly love their dogs. The triggers for his anxiety and reactivity were initially unpredictable, and I was worried about him.

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