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There is a rumor online that seizure alert dogs and migraine alert dogs cannot be trained to alert, that they have to come by their alert naturally.
Not only are migraine alert dogs valuable for symptom relief but its possible that getting your medication in prior to the start of the episode may reduce the level of brain damage done by your migraine episode.
Within the month, Service Dog Academy will be adding an additional Seattle 4 Day Intensive Diabetic Alert Dog Training Class scheduled for mid September 2014.

Donate To Support The Program That Saves Lives Hundreds Of Times Per DayMary McNeight and Service Dog Academy have been pillars of justice, advocacy and education in the medical alert dog community. Free Dog Training AdviceSign up for our newsletter and get free pet dog training advice, notifications when new videos go up and information about school events such as webinars, chats and when you can meet us in your town. Its mission is to match children with the right service dog so that their lives, and their families’ lives, are better.

The dogs typically need about two years of training as well before they are matched with a child.According to Wible, most agencies put people on a waiting list for a dog after raising the needed funds.

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