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Susan Raymond, Owner and Head Trainer, established Calm K9 Dog Training and Behavior Solutions in 2009 in order to focus on enriching the lives of dogs - and their owners!
As a specialist who helps dogs with mild to significant behavioral problems, Susan works with all breeds, from youngsters to seniors and from the small toys to the big ‘uns. In addition to having received extensive mentoring and formal training from several nationally acclaimed trainers, Susan draws on her own remarkable capacity to empathetically connect with dogs at first meeting, to the amazement of her clients.

Susan’s commitment to the happiness and satisfaction of her clients is exemplary – she is dedicated to bringing out the very best your dog has to offer and to supporting owners in maintaining and enhancing the skills their dogs have learned under her tutelage.
Susan’s desire for on-going education is a high priority, and she attends several national events, seminars and workshops every year, always returning home with a refreshed, informed outlook and new tools to incorporate into her training practices. Susan’s experience, expertise, intuition, open-mindedness, dependability and clarity of communication embody the necessary components and traits of an effective dog trainer.

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