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I’ve worked with other trainers before on basic and advanced obedience and always felt like Harper was only performing for treats.
I would definitely recommend Take the Lead Dog Training to anyone who would like their four legged companion to become the dog they’ve always wanted. We were confident we were in good hands.  Cheryl trained me and corrected my technique so our dog listens to me and now our 11 year old special needs daughter. Cheryl is truly gifted and I would highly recommend her services for anyone who really wants to enjoy the lifetime they will have with their furry friends! I have had other trainers, and although they were qualified, the experience was lacking and the results were mediocre…she just seems to have the special something that sets her apart from other trainers. We would like to thank Cheryl and Take The Lead Dog Training for their great work in helping us with our new service dog. Thanks to our training last year with Cheryl, our dogs, Sophie and Sonny were amazingly well-behaved on Halloween night with all the doorbell rings and screaming kids.
Susan Raymond, Owner and Head Trainer, established Calm K9 Dog Training and Behavior Solutions in 2009 in order to focus on enriching the lives of dogs - and their owners! As a specialist who helps dogs with mild to significant behavioral problems, Susan works with all breeds, from youngsters to seniors and from the small toys to the big ‘uns. In addition to having received extensive mentoring and formal training from several nationally acclaimed trainers, Susan draws on her own remarkable capacity to empathetically connect with dogs at first meeting, to the amazement of her clients.
Susan’s commitment to the happiness and satisfaction of her clients is exemplary – she is dedicated to bringing out the very best your dog has to offer and to supporting owners in maintaining and enhancing the skills their dogs have learned under her tutelage.
Susan’s desire for on-going education is a high priority, and she attends several national events, seminars and workshops every year, always returning home with a refreshed, informed outlook and new tools to incorporate into her training practices.
Susan’s experience, expertise, intuition, open-mindedness, dependability and clarity of communication embody the necessary components and traits of an effective dog trainer. She is only 11 pounds but when she wants to do something she would pull on the leash and lunge toward people, other dogs or anything that took her fancy.

I had a rough experience before her and was scared to have another trainer come in, but Cheryl was FANTASTIC! My dog, Coco had just a few issues (I say that sarcastically) like pulling on the leash (more like dragging me around the neighborhood). I took her to puppy training and she would do well at the store but as soon as she came home she wouldn’t listen. I had my initial consult regarding Harper’s aggression. Throughout training, we worked at my house, at pet stores and at the dog park. This  was embarrassing and we weren’t able to enjoy our dog in any type of social setting.
I have two Jack Russell Terriers that have two very different personalities and it was so challenging to train them because I couldn’t use the same strategies on both.
Cheryl is knowledgeable and helps teach techniques so that you know how to control your dog. Oh, and then there is the way she greeted people, nothing like having an 80 pound dog jump all over you. After a few sessions with Cheryl, Harper has been a completely different dog on leash – she heals obediently next to me and listens to my commands and body language (automatically matching my speed and sitting when I stop). She listens to the areas you want to work on with your dog and structures the training around those areas. We also needed help training our pup to play more gently with our small children, not to bark at neighbors, behave on a leash and just become the sweet little dog we hoped he be. He is a certified therapy dog and has been one of the best things that has happened in my life! It is simply a pleasure to have a large dog that are well-behaved, and can be taken almost anywhere.

I kind of felt like she was training me how to be a dog owner as much as she was training the dog. I was totally frustrated! I called Cheryl and she came and evaluated Olive and my willingness to comply with the training.  She was very up front about me putting in the time and effort to follow the rules so I could have a well behaved dog. After just a few short sessions, our dog is a wonderful family pet and he’s enjoyed by all who meet him.
Not only did Cheryl teach him to be obedient, kind, gentle, etc, but she also trained me to be that same way with my Doodle Bug!
We then entered Tessa to be examined for certification by “Therapy Dog International” which is a 15 point exam, and Tess aced it, thanks to Cheryl. With lots of practice time, I now have a dog that walks by my side, greets people from a sit and stays in her “place”. I now have an adorable well behaved dog who is a joy to go out in public with and show off her obedience. I feel like the training both she and I received will prevent any future incidents with other dogs and I once again feel comfortable taking her to the dog park alone and allowing her to interact with other dogs. Cheryl really does a great job explaining the training methods, and she was very patient while I attempted to master them. I wholeheartedly recommend Nakiva, and Take the Lead, to anyone looking to have a well trained and obedient companion.

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