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According to the experts at Pet MD, “Separation anxiety in dogs usually results in destructive behavior when an owner leaves the pet. Separation anxiety causes some pets to be extremely destructive while their owners are away. Other behavioral conditions may mimic separation anxiety so it is important to analyze the symptoms and history of the dog. Many people are turning to raw meat diets for their pets to alleviate various health concerns.
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If your dog repeatedly seems to disregard the house rules while you're gone, rather than needing a little reminder in house manners, perhaps they're actually struggling with separation anxiety.
To prevent separation anxiety in your furriest friend, here some tips to help adjust to another school year.
Deter this behavior by providing new toys or pet day care to ensure your pets are receiving enough attention each day.
For example, teething kittens may need appropriate things to chew on or not be fully housetrained and may not truly be experiencing separation anxiety. It is also possible that the dog was relinquished to the shelter because they were already exhibiting destructive behaviors associated with separation anxiety.

He suggested staging multiple departures and returns at random intervals in an attempt to desensitize his anxiety.

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