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Moving to a new house: Dogs thrive on routine, and moving to a new home can have a big impact on his daily routine.
There are many different reasons why a dog may have separation anxiety and things you can do about it. Separation anxiety in dogs is a very common and distressing condition but one that can be effectively overcome. If a dog is taken from one home and brought to another when he has bonded with a family, it may also result in dog separation anxiety.
Separation anxiety in dogs typically begins within 15-20 minutes once the dog is taken away from his owner.

It affects dogs of all ages and breeds and can cause serious distress and injury to your pooch. There are new sights, sounds, and smells to content with, and nothing looks familiar anymore. This is because working pet parents want their dogs to have company while they are away from home. You might have heard this phrase and asked yourself what separation anxiety is and how we could detect it in dogs. Some dogs are just anxious by nature (born with it), are taken away from their mothers too soon as others, or develop it because of a dramatic life event (being left by their family at a shelter).

Dogs get to play with other pooches, get taken out for walks and some even provide field trips.
He knows and looks forward to when I leave in the morning, as he sits by the stairs, waiting for my signal to go get it.

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