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The authors stress that many dogs that are taught the mechanical way do not have the stamina or desire to search for longer periods of time and why.
The natural way of training according to the authors is based on the dog’s hunting drive, which all dogs have. While this is not a new concept, all hunting dog trainers have used a version of it; it is a newer concept for SAR dogs and does work very well. They discuss the various types of alerts, signals and body language that a handler must know in order to read their dogs properly.
What I especially liked was the chapter “Building Damage Typology” which gave illustrations of the various types of destruction and details about how the scent works in those situations as well as how to extradite people from the various types of collapse situations. I highly recommend this book for all SAR dog handlers and especially for the head trainers of units. Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems. Providing a complete overview, from physiology to cognition, this is the first book to discuss working dogs from a scientific perspective.
Defying danger, dogs race to the rescue in this fast-paced story of canine heroes helping people escape life-threatening disasters.

This is the first pocket field guide that will cover the injuries and problems that your dog can encounter in the field, presenting the symptoms and treatment.
The first and only major publication to salute the canines that served our nation in the recovery missions following the terrorists’ strikes on America.
Karen Pryor is a powerful proponent of the principles and practical uses of positive reinforcement in teaching new behaviors.
The quality of the book itself is good, soft cover with a linen look and feel, with glossy pages and rounded corners.
Their method meets the dog’s needs which make searching fun for the dog, thus allowing them to search for longer periods of time.
What I like about the author’s point of view is that they stress more than once, that the details of training must be tailored to the individual dog since each dog is unique. They explain why the training methods that some handlers use frustrate the dog and are counterproductive to the goals of SAR training. They have located victims trapped under debris from hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as avalanches, and many lost hikers or otherwise disoriented adults and children owe their lives to search dogs.
Disaster Search Dogs follows real-life dogs bravely searching for victims buried under the wreckage of the World Trade Center and other disaster sites.

You will learn: To teach DSD skills using positive training techniques How to build and train with the specialized equipment used in training How to prepare for the FEMA DSD certifications tests What it is like to part of a disaster recovery effort.
I like the rounded corners since it keeps the book looking nice after being used over and over, and this is a book that SAR personnel will want to refer to over and over. Many SAR dog handlers use either a version of the natural way or the mechanical way to train their dogs. Packed with exciting anecdotes, Disaster Search Dogs details how dogs are expertly trained to work with human partners toward a single goal—saving lives. This fascinating book explains the composition of scent, how it works in the dog's nose, and what affects scent and much more! What they share is basic fitness, the ability to work in a team, the desire to serve the wider community and a dedication to the development of USAR Search Dogs.

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