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The dogs do indeed have a boating history however, and were often found working on the barges so the English can be excused for making the mistake with the name. During WWII Schipperkes were used by the resistance to carry messages between bases and hideouts and they managed it without the Nazis ever finding out.
Schipperkes have pointed ears that are held erect and a long, fluffy undercoat that is covered in straight, coarser guard hairs. Schipperke puppies are born with tails of different lengths and in certain countries the tails are docked soon after birth.
Sometimes referred to as ‘the little black fox’ or ‘the black Tasmanian devil’ the Schipperke is tenacious and can chase small animals.TemperamentThe Schipperke is a headstrong, mischievous and stubborn little dog and is not suited to first-time dog owners.
The Schipperke can be prone to barking and howling – particularly if they have been allowed to believe they are in charge. Diet is also an important consideration as Schipperke’s can develop numerous health problems is they are fed too much and exercised too little.
A fenced yard would be best for this high-energy breed, but will do well in apartment life. Championship Show 2015Download a schedule for our Schipperke Club Championship Show to be held on 17th October 2015 at Shenstone Village Hall, Staffs WS14 0LT. The Schipperke’s adventurous and courageous nature, coupled with its low centre of gravity means it made an excellent boat dog and they can still be found accompanying their masters on cruises across the globe.

Any owners considering bringing a Schipperke into their lives would be wise to thoroughly research the breed before purchasing a puppy. Despite the fact they are high-spirited and can be naughty, the Schipperke can form strong, long-lasting bonds and they are particularly fond of children. Any excessive barking should be dealt with quickly and firmly to prevent it becoming a persistent problem.HealthThe Schipperke is a very long-lived breed with some examples reaching a very respectable 17 or 18 years of age.
Progressive Retinal Atrophy is also present and the genetic disorder MPS 111B can also present in Schipperkes, although a test has now been developed for this condition.
Despite its mischievous streak the Schipperke makes an excellent family dog, providing it is handled firmly, but sensitively. The Schipperke loves to run and is tireless, so they do require regular walks and play times, preferably off lead in a yard or park. Whatever this little dog’s origins, what is known is that the breed was developed in Belgium in the 16th Century and was used aboard the country’s barges – keeping them free of vermin, barking at trespassers and nipping the heels of the horses to keep them moving along.HistoryThe breed standards for the Schipperke were written in 1859 after it was recognised as a formal breed in 1880. They make an excellent guard dog and show a bravery that belies their size – the Schipperke will back down from no one. The condition, which is also found in humans, is also known as San Filippo Disease and is an autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disease which is severely life-limiting in humans and causes a range of neurological disorders.CareThe lively, strong-willed, little Schipperke is not a dog for a first-timer and will severely test a weak-willed owner.
Barking at the sight of intruders, two-legged or four-legged, this breed is great for alert purposes.

Take advantage of our PuppyMatch service or simply browse our massive directory of dog breeds, dog breeders and puppy for sale listings. It’s presumed that the Dutch preferred this name as the little Schipperke closely resembles the Belgium Sheepdog. Consider crate training if you need to adapt your dog to a safe and confined environment for various safety and comfort reasons.
In no time will your dog be diving in to get those yummy treats and learn that water is fun!Anonymous asked:I have a registered Schipperke female who is 9 years old.
Your local pet store will have many different options of grain-free dog food for you to choose from. But remember, a puppy or dog from a reputable, qualified and knowledgeable breeder will have a better chance to live to or beyond the average life-span of the dog standard.AnonymousI just lost my Schipperke, Simon, two days ago and I am extremely sad about it.

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