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Our dogs love to chew and rawhide chews have been great for their teeth, for  boredom, and to alleviate anxiety.
1) Bully Sticks – some people believe that these are no better than rawhide chews, but I disagree.
2) Carrots – my dogs have never shown any interest in carrots and I thought the small, snack ones would be a choking hazard. It’s not a good idea to leave bones in the yard for later, because of (1) resource guarding, (2) wild animals, and (3) the bones get harder over time. Jones Natural Chews is a company dog owners can trust that puts out quality product our dogs love.

I think a lot of dog owners should be aware with this because it can cause something bad for their dogs.. It sucks, because they do keep our dogs occupied, but the idea of them swallowing something that’s not good for them when there are so many alternatives out there is tough for me to swallow. From my experience, when grocery stores or the big chain pet stores carry a product, I no longer automatically think that the food or treat is okay, because they carried Waggin’ Train chicken jerky treats for years despite the complaints and lawsuits. This blog is to share my experience raising our dogs and in my experience, rawhide chews are dangerous for our dogs and I was looking for an alternative to give to them and shared it on my blog. A friend mentioned you can sometimes buy a bag of raw beef bones from the butcher counter of our local grocery store for around four dollars maybe you could look into that.

I buy marrow bones (that you would use to make a soup) for my pooches from my grocery butcher. I have read numerous articles that say bones are terrible for dogs because they can splinter and puncture the dog’s intentional tract, etc.

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