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The Jack Russell Terrier or Parson Jack Russell Terrier originated in England in the 19th century. The Jack Russell Terrier has a dense double-coat that comes in three varieties: smooth, rough, and broken. I have been breeding short legged smooth coated Jack Russel Terriers for about 5 years now. Having started life on mother’s milk, Jack Russell puppies are weaned between five and six weeks of age.
You probably won’t have to worry about your Jack Russell puppy eating enough – most are eager eaters.
Puppies require more protein and calories per pound of body weight than adults, so a general rule for Jack Russells is to serve the same amount of food per day to a pup as you would expect her to eat each day as an adult. Be sure to get the paperwork and health records from the breeder, and some of the food the dog is used to eating. If you already have a dog at home, introduce the new dog (puppy or adult) on neutral territory, such as out on a walk at a park, keeping a brisk walk until they have observed each other and gotten the scent and attitude of the other dog. Backyard breeders and pet shops are not the best places from which to get a dog, nor is someone breeding a litter so their children can see “the miracle of birth.” These folks are not the best guardians of the breed. Backyard breeders are those who have bred their dogs but do not have the knowledge (or desire, or energy, or finances) to do what is necessary to produce the best dogs possible.

Many breeders continue to feed two meals a day throughout the life of the dog, but some choose to feed only once a day after the dog reaches adulthood. Consider getting an older, already spayed or neutered Jack Russell as companion to your dog – or as your only dog, for that matter. If the breeder provides you with the signed pedigree and required stud service certificate you will need when he is a year old to register him, keep those papers in a safe place so they are not lost. It is always good to introduce any two adult dogs this way to prevent any problems of dominance by just ringing a new dog into another dog’s territory.
Jack Russells adjust very quickly to new situations and adapt themselves nicely to a new home. This could be someone who has a female Jack Russell Terrier and wants puppies, and so breeds the female to a friend’s male down the street. Take advantage of our PuppyMatch service or simply browse our massive directory of dog breeds, dog breeders and puppy for sale listings. While the pups are still nursing, at about four weeks, the breeder will begin to feed them a fine-textured, well-moistened, nutritious gruel to begin to accustom them to solid food.
You can check with the breeder for information on how much food he or she expects your pup will require as an adult.
Many healthy, well-behaved older Jack Russell Terriers need new homes and can be applied for through the JRTCA’s Russell Rescue.

Either a wire crate or a molded plastic carrier is suitable, as long as it is large enough for a grown Jack Russell to stand up in and turn around comfortably. If the breeder has not taken your puppy for a car ride before, ask them to skip the pup’s breakfast that day so he won’t have an upset stomach in the car. What you can do though is contact a couple of registered, reputable, responsible and knowledgeable breeders about what you are looking for and if they have any puppies that are close to that.
A backyard breeder may also be someone who hasn’t spayed the female and then doesn’t keep her safe when she comes into season and is bred by a wandering male. Check with the breeder first regarding his or her policy about visitors before the pups have had their first protective inoculations. This milestone in the puppies’ lives marks the beginning of several weeks of more cleanup work for the breeder. Jack Russells in puppy mills are generally not registered with the JRTCA and there may be no way of verifying their pedigree—if, indeed, a pedigree is offered. Our Jack Russels when mature usually weigh about 10-12 lbs and are about 10-12 in at the withers.

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