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Please let us know in the box below, which Vom Bullenfeld young Rottweiler you are placing a deposit on. Eyck von Tengen is one of the most famous German Rottweilers and is grandfather to our Olly and Oxana vom Bullenfeld and is part of some of our other Rottweilers pedigree. Rottweiler Protection Dogs For Sale: See below currently available Germany Import Rottweiler Puppies and Trained Adults For Sale. Our Rottweilers are Highly Trained and OFFICIALLY Certified Personal Protection Dogs For Sale to approved individuals and families only! Our Rottweilers are specifically bred, selected, raised and trained in the home with a truly fulfilling life and work in mind. Our Rottweilers shown on this page reside in our private European Trainers homes and are only available for immediate Import upon approval.

This page is intended to give a brief description of a few of the current listings of Rottweilers for sale. For more detailed information about each featured Rottweiler listing please click on the 'Read more about' link or the dog's picture, or contact us for additional information . Rottweilers are believed to evolved from the Mastiff or German Shepherd Dog and were used by the Roman army to drive and guard cattle herds. Since there was no longer a need for this working animal, the breed’s numbers sharply declined and was almost lost completely.
Most useful and effective Breeds for Family Protection, Personal Protection, and Security dogs, FAQ, selection process, and more. If you do not find what you are looking for here feel free to contact us as we might not have the newest updates at that time.

We do have several Rottweilers not listed, so please inquire regarding any questions you may have. Amigo is a proven producer of Rottweiler puppies and is one of many great Rottweilers that we incorporate as Rottweiler breeders. The dogs continued to drive cattle, however in addition their responsibilities included guarding the cattle sale profits and pulling carts and wagons.

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